Hello cake and bakers, Have you ever try to make macarons? or, it comes like cracked or broken when you take out the oven? Or not fluffy or just like a flat tiny cookie? I have many times. Many many times. I learned all the wrong steps in the heard ways. But today onward you can make macarons in the right way. And you can end up making a beautiful light french cookie. So let’s get the start to our incredible Macaron Recipe.

What about Egg White?

First, of all, let’s talk about the eggs. This is the huge deal and lots opinion but, I think the best practice is to measure out your egg whites and put them into a bowl, the day before you wanna make these macarons. Covered with plastic wrap, broach big holes in it, and basically the egg white will dehydrate just a little bit. You wanna get rid of some water. Is this necessary? No, you don’t have to do this. But whit this finicky little tip, you don’t wanna take any chances like dot every eye and cross every teeth. So in here, I measured up 100g egg whites in room temperature which means 3 large eggs. Put them into the refrigeration and covered with wrap yesterday. (Make sure to use egg white at room temperature). Ok tats it about eggs.

What about Dry Ingredients for Macaron Recipe

Let’s talk about dry ingredients. 130g confectioner’s sugar. 140g of almond flour. But I put a little much flour-like 150g. Because we need to sift these two ingredients. Therefore some of the grams will be sifted out and you will throw away. Now sift into your container. Patiently sift out. Don’t try to grind anything. If you have large lumps, then break them up. That’s ok. Others put as trash. Hence we took an extra 10g in almond flour.

Now is the secret part. we gonna transfer this into a food processor and whisk well. You can use a grinder. No problem. The main purpose here needs to mix, both ingredients as much as. whisk nicely and sift again. You have to do this process THREE times. This step is the silver line of the complete macaroon recipe. It will give the super consistency of marine and the macaroon batter.

Direction to the Macaron Recipe

Now my dry ingredients get set. Now for the egg white. Here is the other main point. First, you have to clean all the containers. Here I used vinegar tiny bit and clean completely. From that, the marine will be perfect. 100g of egg white at room temperature. Staring wish with low speed and when it getting fluffy I am adding 1/4 tsp of salt and 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar. Now I am adding 1/2 cup of granulated sugar bit by bit while whisking. you have to whisk it until marine keep soft peeks. Like foam peek and they all gonna become like marshmallowy. Meanwhile, add 1 tsp vanilla extraction. and again whisk it.
In marine, most people make their mistakes here. The problem is the marine is not thick enough. So after you add to dry ingredients, it becomes too sloppy. Therefore after you turn the marine into the container whisk supper speed continuously to make it much thick. When you turn the whisk upside down, the marine should come through. Plus have really really stiff peaks.
Then we add the flour mixture bit by bit and fold in to get started. Use your spatula to scoop the bottom of the bowl and its kind like folding the mixture. You have to mix until the wet and dry ingredients are well co-operated. And the mixture will fold down like cascading. Meanwhile, you can add any color of food coloring 3 or 4 drops. Make sure to move your hand like folding. Not other ways. Because from this way you can reduce the air bubbles. If your marine has air bubbles, then the macaron will have big hols.

Piping Process

Meanwhile, I prepare my piping bag. No 12 round tip gives a totally fine bigger pump. and baking tray. Here you can use a piping sheet or a parchment paper. You need to pipe an equal amount of batters for each. So you wanna pipe perpendicular to the surface. Give some space between 2 cookies. Once you have piped the sheet, you should tap the tray. Before put into the oven. the final touch is to remove one last air bubbles by using a toothpick. Then you can keep resting the macaron batter within 30min to 40 mins. When time passed, the macaron surface will like nice skin. when you touch the surface, it wasn’t like press into.
Set your oven 160C / 320F for 12-15 mins. You should bake one sheet per time. Because of the weird airflow happens, the cookies may also take weird shapes when baking.
Almost we have done. Now you can fill the macarons anything you want. Buttercream, jam, peanut butter anything.


  • 100g egg whites in room temperature
  • 140g of almond flour
  • 1/4 tsp of salt
  • 1/4 tsp of cream of tartar
  • 1/2 cup of granulated sugar
  • food coloring 3 or 4 drops

Now you have crispy outside, creamy middle, what a classic macaron. Try this macaron recipe, Tell me your problems and also your experience.

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