Hi, cake and bakes lovers. Today we gonna make classic french dessert “Chocolate Eclair”, Lighted show pastry that filled with vanilla pastry cream and just dips in chocolate. Easy to make, so satisfying. Let’s go start.


110g unsalted butter
1 cup of water
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp sugar
130g of all-purpose flour
3 free size eggs (plus 1 egg, if needed)
1tsp milk and an egg for egg wash

Filling Cream for Chocolate Eclair Recipe

2 cup of whole milk
2 tsp vanilla extraction (or you can use vanilla beans)
6 egg yolk
135g sugar
1/4 cup cornstarch

For the wipping cream

1 cup of heavy whipped cream
2 tsp sugar

Chocolate Glace

150g of semisweet chocolate coarsely chopped
1/2 cup of hot milk

Direction for Chocolate Eclair Recipe

  • Add butter, water, salt, sugar into a container, and cook over high heat. When the mixture boil, take off the container from the heat really fast and dump all-purpose flour into the mixture and stir harder using a wooden spoon. stir, stir and stir until all the ingredients co-operate within 30 to 60 sec. And back again to the heat and stir another 30 sec until the mixture becomes a ball.
  • Now we need to beat the mixture under medium to high speed while cracking eggs one by one. (still, this mixture super hot. Don’t worry about it). Crack 3 eggs and check the batter, falling down slowly, silky, and much consistent. (to me, I have to add 4 eggs)
  • Now we can transfer this batter into our piping bag fitting with a large star tip that has 866. Normally I used round tip, but try this star tip, it really gives a nice and perfect shep.
  • Before pipe, we have to make our baking tray. Not much need just lay parchment paper and stick to the tray using bit batter. From that, the paper will not move here and there.
  • Now full your piping bag, and pipe into the tray. Normally 2.5-inch length and use nice, clean kitchen scissor to cut the edge. Make sure to give space between each other.
  • Prepare your egg wash by adding one egg with milk and give quick mix.
  • Here a little tip, while you are piping, if there any unusual shep or high tips, you can make it while you applying egg wash. Remember, if their high tips, that will burn in the oven.
  • There are now going to the oven that heat 425F for 15 mins. Then reduce the temperature into 375F and let to bake 20 -25 mins, until it becomes nice and golden brown. Don’t forget to turn the tray around halfway through, So that can get nice and even color.
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Direction to Filling Custard Cream

  • It needs to chill. So let’s start. Put the container into medium heat and add milk and vanilla extraction into and keep until milk boil because we need nice vanilla milk.
  • Tip: To separate the egg white from the yolk, keep the eggs in the refrigerator while and separate.
  • Add sugar into the yolk and whisk until it becomes light and fluffy and add cornstarch while whisking until all combine together.
  • Add hot milk into the mixture little by little and wish continuously and carefully.
  • Change the mixture through the strainer and strain faster and put medium heat and it’s almost done. Make sure to whisk continuously until it combines together like a cream.
  • This is super hot. So before you put this into refrigerator let it cool and cover a plastic wrapper and chill 6 or more hours. (So it’s better to make first before you make the show pastry).
  • For the chocolate, glace use hot milk and put the chocolate into the milk. You can see its start to melt. Keep aside until all the chocolate melt.
  • When all the chocolate melt, wish well and you can see nice, silky thick chocolate glace.
  • For the whipping cream, Add heavy cream into the batter container and add sugar plus splash of vanilla. beat the cream until it becomes thick whipping cream.
  • Add the whipping cream bit by bit into the pastry cream that we let to chill. and fold nicely and carefully.
  • Now we have, nicely baked golden brown show pastry, vanilla cream, and chocolate glace.
  • To fill the cream, the best way to a 230 piping tip. This is basically a really large injector needle. Or you can cut the pasty in the middle and fill the cream nicely as a sandwich.
  • Here I used the piping tip and I pierce the bottom with 3 hols.
  • Fill the piping bag with pastry cream and pipe into the show pasty nicely and generously.
  • Now it is finishing touch. Dip the eclairs half into the chocolate glaze.
  • Here you go, you made it. Now you can serve this creamy, fully, mouth-watering chocolate eclairs.

Try this Chocolate Eclair Recipe at your home and tell us your experience. If you face any problem don’t hesitate to ask. Comment us and share it with your friends.

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