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Vegetable Chop Suey Recipe


  • 10g Corn Flow
  • 2tbs Oister Source
  • 2tbs Dark Sosa Source
  • Salt as your teats
  • 30g Mushroom
  • 30g Dark Mushroom
  • 30g Button Mushroom
  • 30g Chines Cabbage
  • 30g Baby Corn
  • 30g Carrot
  • 30g Bok Choy
  • Oil
  • Garlic


  • First of all boil baby corn,carrot,all kinds of mushrooms.
  • After several mins add cabbage, bok choy and boil another 5mins.
  • Keep a side the cooked vegetables.
  • Then take another pan and add some oil.
  • After oil getting heat add chop garlic and add the other cooked vegetables.
  • Then add corn flow, salt, oister source, dark soya source and mix them well.
  • Server immediately.
Best Food recipe
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